A Message from our Principal

Welcome! Visitation Catholic School, established by the Dominican Sisters of San Jose in 1883, has for generations understood the importance of preparing its students for the challenges of the times.

Mrs. Carol Funk
7th/8th grade math & science
503 357 6990 x222
Visitation Catholic School
4189 NW Visitation Road
Forest Grove, OR, 97116

Visitation Catholic School, with its religious and spiritual foundation, challenges students to develop their full potential as individuals and contributes to the building of leaders, demanding that each student make a difference in our world. In addition, by requiring a solid foundation in religious and moral education, we give students an opportunity to develop a creative vision and a sense of responsibility for others.

The faculty members at Visitation Catholic School are unsurpassed. They form a community of learning and they see what they do more as a way of life than a job. Daily, they help and encourage their students to learn, to challenge themselves, and to become better people. The faculty strives to provide students with the real tools to deal with the exhilarating challenges of life, and no doubt has done their job well so that our students are able to handle what life presents. This is evident as VCS students have developed a strong sense of values, understanding what it means to be human, being unselfish young men and women who want to make a difference in a world that expects a great deal of them.

We encourage you to take some time to search our website to gain a true sense of Visitation Catholic School. It truly is a extraordinary community of faculty, students and parents.